Friday, June 24, 2011

Homemade pizza

Salam .. today i'm very happy to share a basic recipe of pizza ( do not to compare with "pizza hut" bcause i'm just a trainer..hehiii =p ) but i just insert the pictures ...there is no interest to type..hav funN.. =

  for the dough,  mix of : 1 kg flour + 1 packet yeast + 1 tea spoon salt + 1 glass fresh milk + some water  = done..


 the ingredients :
mozzarella cheese or any type of ur fav cheese
mushroom, usually button mushroom

blackpapper beef, my mom's special request

sliced sausages, i choose blackpapper & cheese flavor

tomato puree / sauce



before bake


finally...yesss !!!
try it..simpe & delicious..

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